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CWLF Spring 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Letter from the Co-Chairs of the Board, Adrienne Castellon & Linda Dayler

The flowers and we are re-energized by the arrival of spring. With sunshine beaming down, we are glad that spring has arrived. It is as if we are witnessing it for the first time as we become enlightened through old things that have become new again.

In the spring, the 2021 cohort graduates after a year of dedication, belief, and growth. Understanding Jesus through your leadership will transform your approach to your responsibilities.

Additionally, we would like to welcome our cohort for 2022. We are delighted for them as they embark on a journey unlike any other.

Our prayers are with you.

In Christ,

Adrienne Castellon, EdD (BC)

Linda Dayler, EdD (ON)


In This Issue:

  • Love to Ukraine and All Places Experiencing War: How Faith Communities Can Effect Transformational Change

  • Congratulations to our Program Graduates

  • Graduate Testimonials

  • Meet Our New Program Participants

  • Communication Update

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