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Empowering Catholic Women!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Fourteen Catholic women from across Canada are now 5 months into a yearlong leadership certificate program. The program is being delivered by The School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality, Saint Paul University, in response to the vision and goals of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation. The program integrates faith and life, personal, and professional leadership development.

Module 1 of the program began on April 23rd. Participants had the opportunity to meet each other and under the direction of the Program Director, Sr. Miriam Martin, introduced to the topic of transformative leadership.

Module 2 took place in residence at Saint Paul University during the first week of June. Presentations and discussions highlighted the week.

Module 3 began online during June, July, and August.

Module 4 – 6 will continue online until late April 2019 when the participants will meet in residence for the final Module and graduation from the program on May 1, 2019

Application for the next session will become available!

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