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The most compelling images or metaphors of God for me?

  1. The Bread of life John 6:35. I like this metaphor because God sustains me, and I have a deep devotion to the Eucharist.

  2. The Potter Isaiah 64:8 I like this metaphor because God created and continues to make me who I am and when I cooperate with His grace His creation in me reflects His love and I am an instrument of His love in the world.

  3. The Light of the world John 9:5 I like this metaphor because Jesus illumines the darkness with the message of hope in eternal life and the hopeful message of love God, neighbor and self.

  4. The Rock Psalm 18:2 and 2 Samuel 22:2 I like this metaphor because it evokes the strength of God and that I can depend on Him always.

The Embrace | Val MacRae

I love this picture called ‘The Embrace’ by Val Macrae, a Californian artist. I have a print of it on the mantle above my fireplace. The picture depicts a strong, happy, and welcoming Jesus. It evokes joy, confidence and hope in me and reminds me that Jesus is someone I can talk to ‘normally’ and feel supported by in my daily life. It also reminds me to be a joyful Christian full of hope!

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