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The Way Forward…

The CWLF has been encouraged by the wonderful stories of personal growth and development from participants of the Leadership Program at St. Paul University, and has for some time considered exploring additional avenues for leadership training for Catholic Women in Canada. Many ideas have been advanced, including options for everything from additional certificate programs, to shorter content-specific courses or webinars, and even day or weekend retreats, virtual or otherwise. However, the CWLF was bound by the fairly particular rules of operation of its original federal charter documents. In 2020, the CWLF submitted an application to federal governing bodies to change its corporate character to expand the nature of its operations and the ways in which it delivers educational programming. We are thrilled to announce … that our application has been approved! Moving forward, the CWLF will be permitted to offer a broader range of leadership training options of varying lengths and forms. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we follow this new and wider path, and continue to help Catholic Women create a just, merciful, and compassionate world nurtured by the genius of women.

Board members undertook a two-day strategic planning workshop held on February 28th and 29th 2020 in Vancouver BC. We identified five priority areas with goals under each. Through subcommittee initiative and collaborative board work by our dedicated volunteer board and subcommittee members, we are pleased to report that we are making consistent progress in several priority areas with others to be addressed in succession.

Our Priority areas and goals are listed below:

Priority Area 1 – Governance and Organizational Structure Goal: Ensure CWLF governance structure will support our vision and mission

Priority Area 2 – Engagement and Collaboration Goal 1: To become the leading authority in Canadian Catholic women’s leadership Goal 2: To cultivate the relationships to enhance engagement and collaborations

Priority area 3 – Branding Goal: To increase awareness of who we are and what we do.

Priority area 4 – Revenue Development Goal: Ensure financial sustainability to achieve vision and mission

Priority area 5 – Program Development Goal 1: To develop diverse programs and activities which will enhance the voice of Catholic Women Goal 2: To build capacity for program development

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