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Call for Nominations – Board of Directors of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation (CWLF)

The Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation (CWLF) is seeking nominations to the Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning June 2019.

In keeping with its Vision and Mission, CWLF has the responsibility “To develop women’s leadership capacity- building programs that are of the highest quality and that are consistent with Catholic values by establishing and maintaining partnerships with key educational institutions”. The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and operations of the Foundation.

Qualified candidates of the Board (female or male) will have one or more of the following skill-sets, with an emphasis on fund development and promotion of the program, expertise and experience necessary to further the vision and mission of CWLF, namely, expertise relevant to governance; knowledge of the Catholic faith or Catholic intellectual tradition; financial expertise (fundraising including planned giving); and/or communications.

To submit a nomination, please send an email to including:

  • name of the person being nominated (or your own name if nominating yourself);

  • contact information (address, phone number, email );

  • a statement of eligibility outlining how the nominee’s experience fits with the skill- sets, expertise, and experience listed above; and,

  • name and contact information of two references.

More information about CWLF can be found at or visit our Facebook page

The deadline for applications has been extended to April 7, 2019!

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