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CWLF 2023 Lent Calendar

We have prepared a list of simple ways we can celebrate Lent in 2023. Join us in our celebration and take the time to review our 2023 Lent Calendar and contemplate the peace following each day will give to you.

February 22 - Celebrate Ash Wednesday, go to mass & wear your ashes with pride

February 23 - Celebrate Almsgiving, make your own list of what you want to give

February 24 - The war in Ukraine started one year ago today; say a special prayer for peace, hope, & love

February 25 - What do you love so much that is a luxury? Give it up for Lent

February 26 - Almsgiving & acts of charity

February 27 - Donate to St. Vincent de Paul

February 28 - Have a mass for said for someone who has a special intention or needs prayer

March 1 - Send a card of encouragement to someone in need

March 2 - Share with someone a talent you have that another may want to learn

March 3 - Make designated car kits to anyone you encounter who is experiencing homelessness

March 4 - Sponsor a child

March 5 - Wouldn't this be a good day to fast?

March 6 - Eat & drink in moderation

March 7 - Walk instead of taking your car

March 8 - Turn your cell phone off for the day

March 9 - Volunteer your time

March 10 - Give up meat on Fridays

March 11 - Do not gossip

March 12 - Chat with God by speaking & listening

March 13 - Say the rosary

March 14 - Read a psalm a day & keep a journal of your thoughts

March 15 - Join the prayer group at church or start one

March 16 - Go to a daily mass

March 17 - Say a prayer to St. Patrick asking for his protection of our faith & all those who do not believe

March 18 - Pray for Nuns & honour their life journey of exemplary faith

March 19 - Give alms, making the needs of others our own

March 20 - Give up your phone for one day

March 21 - Volunteer

March 22 - Make a home cooked meal to give to a neighbour or friend.

March 23 - Clean out your cupboards & donate unused items to food banks

March 24 - Take someone who is housebound for a drive

March 25 - Give someone a hug, smile, or kiss

March 26 - Fast

March 27 - Give up Tim's for a week & give that sum to a homeless person

March 28 - Pass the closest parking spot & park further away leaving the spot available for another person

March 29 - Clean your closet. If you have not worn it, donate it

March 30 - Do not watch tv, read a book of prayer & reflect

March 31 - Instead of buying wine for the weekend, give up your desire & pass those funds to a Women's Shelter

April 1 - Reflect on what you have given to others that you can continue to do

April 2 - Keep praying

April 3 - Download a Rosary app so you can recite the Rosary while you drive

April 4 - Pray the Angelus at 12:00 pm

April 5 - Say the stations of the cross

April 6 - Pray the Examen at the end of your day

April 7 - Good Friday. Make yourself a promise to pray more during the year

April 8 - Say prayers of thanks to Jesus

April 9 - Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord


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