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Testimonials from Past Leadership Program Participants

I came away from the program forever connected to the “13 sisters” I journeyed with over the course of the year. The leading-learners were gifted individuals who journeyed with us but also challenged our opinions, stretched us to view issues from different lenses, and invited us to be a part of the community. The ‘experts’ they connected us to challenge our belief systems and encouraged us to apply new learnings in our home communities. The best part however was being witness to others’ stories and feeling gratitude for the sharing and trust amongst the learners and the leaders.

Sue Ross (Harding) - Participant 2018-19


The CWLP (Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation Program) had nurtured the Catholic Leader in me. It ignited my passion and fully equipped me to pursue my calling. I am blessed to be a part of such a mission. Forever grateful …

Liz Meneses - Participant 2019-20


It was a true blessing to study leadership from a Catholic perspective and to meet women from across Canada from many different business settings who want to lead with Christian values. The leading learners encouraged us to open our hearts and minds to listen in a manner that opens new possibilities for how we lead in our world. “To be on a spiritual journey we have to be engaged with the world.” Dr. Heather Eaton. When we contemplate that we are a member of the earth, which is only a small part of the Milky Way and the universe, all of which God created, it changes our image of the Divine to be both larger and more intimate. The week that we all came together in Ottawa made a profound influence on my life. I have never been in a room full of women, who connected so quickly and so intimately. I felt welcomed by women from all walks of life and all over Canada, all there to be transformed by this experience.

Belinda Halbach - Participant 2018-19


The Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation gifted me the ability to understand transformational leadership while engaging with other people in dialogue and critical thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed our small group sessions that met online monthly to listen and discuss issues while learning how to decern. This experience has been invaluable and has taught me what spiritual leadership is all about.

Michelle Khatib - Participant 2019-20


The Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation program was so much more than I had ever hoped for. I learned how to reach deep into my soul and base my leadership from a perspective of faith and integrity. I have learned to be more understanding and open to the resistance people experience with change and reflect on how to help them evolve. Until the program, I never realized how my leadership style was based on the corporate culture I worked in.

One other huge benefit from the program is the bond you share with the women in the program. We may live all across the country, but we have a deep friendship that celebrates the highs and help through the lows. This program was one of the best experiences of my life.

Lisa Fillingham - Participant 2019-20


I wanted to grow as a professional but wasn’t wanting to pursue another degree or designation. I work in the field of Education, with my Master’s degree in Theology. So I feel most alive when faith blends with practice. I was excited to hear about a program where I could grow both professionally and spiritually while meeting other like-minded women across the country.

Our week-long sessions were part retreat, part conference, part university lecture, part liturgy – all in the best sense of these terms.

One of the best parts of the program for me has been meeting and getting to know such wonderful women across the country. I have received encouragement from them in my role as a women leader but also in my role as a mother. We share books that we’re reading or ways of praying and living out the sacraments that are helpful to us. So the training, while very beneficial to our work, is also beneficial to our life.

Rachel Ng - Participant 2019-20

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