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"A Highly Positive & Impactful Learning Experience"

Updated: May 11, 2023

Being part of the CWLF Program, for me, was a highly positive and impactful learning experience not just restricted to didactic content to learn but opened me to a holistic resonance in the way I think, feel, and act as a Catholic woman leader.

This program offered me a unique opportunity to connect and engage with other Catholic women, by sharing our experiences, and insights, and deepening our understanding of faith.

Through this Program, I could explore more of the vertical dimension of my leadership by looking inward and connecting with my relationships with God, creation, and my inner self. This self-reflection allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my personal strengths and vulnerabilities and how to work in order to serve better my field of mission.

Through the Program, I could also walk through the horizontal dimension of relationships, building connections with others, both within and outside the CWLF community. The gift of fostering meaningful relationships with others developed a greater sense of community and belonging which can be a powerful source of support and inspiration.

Overall, I`m so grateful for witnessing already the transformative experience among us, in that gift to have grown and matured both spiritually, and personally, while also strengthening our relationships and the intrinsic value of our leadership as Catholic women there where the Lord calls us to be and act.


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