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Three ‘W’s of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation Program: Who? Why? When?

Who should apply to the program? If you are a Catholic woman and have the desire, the call, the need to live your faith in all areas of your life – work, volunteer time, with family, friends and community then this course is for you! Who else will be there with you? Passionate, caring, welcoming, intelligent, funny, understanding, genuine women, from all walks of life, and all ages, bringing real-life stories filled with wisdom and the love of Christ. Add to that the excellent instructors, leading learners, guests and the amazing amount of quality resources and materials you will use long after you graduate from the program. However, joining a cohort of like-minded, faith-filled women who become your sisters puts this experience over the top. Learning about transformative leadership through the eyes of the Catholic faith is absolutely the goal, what you receive is so much more!

Why should you apply? If you are reading this – you are looking for something – this is it! The Holy Spirit guided me to this program, with the help of some of my most precious friends. Listen to what you hear, how you feel, and what’s in your the Lord calling you? If you’re not sure – apply anyway! Knowing that He will open the door – give you the courage to say ‘yes’! I know because that is what I did. I felt I wasn’t ‘qualified’, this was for ‘younger’ women, more professional working women, etc. This is a total misconception, there are no barriers to applying, and this is course is available to all Catholic women. The Holy Spirit finally said, listen just apply – and see what happens – so I thought about that – ok I could be rejected but what if I was accepted! One of the most important things I learned during this course was how much ‘fear’ holds us back and keeps us from doing His work because we rely on ‘ourselves’ instead of turning to Him for guidance.

Why did the Lord lead me to this program, why did every module touch me and change me? Because the Lord has plans for me – AND YOU (Jeremiah 29:11)! He knows us, His will be done......and He wants to transform us into the desire of his heart, for our good and for those we serve.

Having the opportunity to connect with our cohorts at the beginning and end of this journey through the virtual sessions was a highlight of the program and critical to my learning experience along with the leading-learners and coaching sessions. So powerful, uplifting and spiritually fulfilling. The experience of interacting with one another, practicing generative listening while sharing our leadership journeys, and providing support and feedback; resulted in a sisterhood environment where I felt valued, understood, accepted and loved. Integrating our Catholic faith, values, beliefs and ethics in all modules ensured the Holy Spirit was on this journey with me.

When should you apply? Now! Don’t hesitate a moment longer, I promise you – you will be transformed, on many levels. We are all leaders no matter what our vocation in life – working, retired, mothers, grandmothers, single, married – people learn from people and we all have gifts and wisdom to share. Leaders are also followers, and we have the best example of all in our Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest ‘transformative servant leader’ of all. Come and see!


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