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Alumni Announcement

Hello Fellow Alumni … 


God’s grace to each and every one! 

I am reaching out to seek each cohorts participation in propagating our program to foster growth of faith and knowledge we all have enjoyed. 

As we all know … our journey does not end when we graduate but merely just the beginning as we put our acquired learnings into action. 

As empowered Catholic women, we strive to shine bright and give light to

others – within our cohorts, the foundation, our community, across the country and beyond. 

We hope to nurture the relationship and connection we have developed in our CWLF journey by keeping in touch, sharing stories and continue to inspire one another - to get us going. 

With this, I am very pleased to share that we would be launching a couple of

initiatives - the Alumni Highlights and Alumni Connect! 

The Alumni Highlights would be a staple in our Newsletter that will showcase the diverse and impressive journeys of CWLF graduates. This would be our way to celebrate successes of our alumni and share their inspirational stories. 

If you are interested to share your story or would like to nominate anyone to be featured, please email us at:

The Alumni Connect would be a quarterly virtual call where Alumni from all cohorts can join in and connect with one another. This would give everyone a chance to mingle and participate in current topic or presentation lead by an Alumni and/or Guest Speaker.  

Furthermore, the Alumni Connect platform would also allow a chat group for all alumni to connect, anytime!  

Invite would be sent out to all cohorts.  

As for special events to personally meet up – there will be series of events that will be posted as opportunity to gather for anyone who wishes to attend. 

The grand reunion for all cohorts is still at discussion stage. Stay tuned! 


We are looking for Alumni from each cohort to be a part of Engagement subcommittee.  

We need your support and creative ideas to take us to the next level.  

Let’s make a difference in any way we can 😊 


God Bless to all … and thank you! 

Liz Meneses 

Cohort #2 

CWLF Communications & Engagement 

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