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Alumni Highlight: Makrina Morozowski

The Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation provided a wonderful time of connection with other ladies in faith, regardless of age. I was the youngest in the 2019-2020 cohort. Since the time of the program, I was working at a local distress center, completed my provisional psychology placement at a Calgary based counselling agency, and completed all the components (and yes, tests too!) to become a fully registered psychologist in Alberta. Each of us have our own experience of living and navigating through the trials, tribulations, successes, and celebrations of life.

Life, with its trials and triumphs, is a unique journey for each of us. In moments of difficulty, I sought solace in various resources, with unwavering support of my Church's pastor, Fr. Jonathan, serving as a crucial anchor. These experiences have reinforced my commitment to faith, resilience, and community. I had been a Catholic my whole life, mostly engaging the way we ought too, the way I saw my parents and grandparents engage. With the fellowship that has created and my lived experiences, I encourage others to consider applying for the CWLF program, one that connects you with other women who are incredible models in their faith and bring their wonderful lived experiences with the learning and faith filled environment.

Reflecting on my enriching experience with the Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation (CWLF), I am compelled to share the profound impact it had on my journey of faith and personal growth. As the youngest participant in the 2019-2020 cohort, I discovered a welcoming community that transcends age, fostering deep connections with like minded women, dedicated to their faith.

Having been a Catholic throughout my life, engaging in the faith as prescribed, the CWLF program emerged as a beacon of inspiration. The fellowship created within this program is unparalleled, bringing together extraordinary women, from across Canada, who share their profound faith and diverse lived experiences in a learning environment infused with authentic connection and spirituality. 

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