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Alumni Highlight: Cristin Dorgan Lee

Transformative leadership has shaped the way I engage in my vocations as a Catholic Metis woman.  As a member of the 5th CWLP cohort, I have grown in my capacity to engage in authentic conversations challenging barriers faced by the marginalized.  Nurtured by the genius of women, our cohort lifted each other up through the process of readings, life experiences and challenges while strengthening our faith journey.  I continue to be in awe of the vulnerability, strength and faith of our cohort, with whom I developed a close bond.

My year long journey of learning with the CWLP continues to shape my work within the Diocese of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  In my role as principal in Greater Saskatoon Catholic School division, I mentor other faith leaders and use my generative listening skills daily.  As facilitator of our Diocese's Indigenous Pastoral Leadership certificate program I journey with laity and consecrated in developing an open mind, open heart and an open will.  In leading from within, my husband and I are raising two girls to lead their lives from their dignity, gifts and talents from God our Creator.

Led by deeply spiritual, brilliant and faith-filled women, the CWLP offers participants an opportunity to enrich their formal and informal leadership skills while deepening their faith.  My prayer is that more women across Canada take the opportunity to enrich their formal and informal leadership journey through the CWLP.

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