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CWLF Fall 2022 Newsletter

Letter from the Co-Chairs of the Board

We experience change during the autumn season. A vibrant array of colours can be seen on the leaves as crops and fruits are gathered. In the waning days of summer, we gradually settled into a routine different from that of summer and began looking forward to Advent and Our Lord's birth.

Autumn is also a time of opportunity and invitation to change. Why not consider improving your leadership skills and theological understanding? Opportunity to improve oneself intellectually. Many women, we want to grow in our roles in our churches, becoming stronger and more confident. What about you?

In order to lead change and command respect, we must have a clear understanding of what we can do to guide us in this task. It is possible for you to do this with the assistance of The Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation can assist you in this journey of self-awareness and development.

Our goal at the Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation is to provide you with knowledge about transformational leadership. Taking a transformational leadership course will could change your life forever since you will learn how to lead like Jesus and perhaps not the way we've been taught.

This opportunity is being provided across Canada to those who are truly committed to bringing about change through actions and words. This course is exceptional and not offered to those outside our country. This is our course, to guide us, to help us grow, to entertain new thoughts, to pave a way for change, to help lead the change the Synod has seen in reports. The course offers leadership that is different than anything else you have experienced. Take a chance, a leap of faith and apply to this exceptional course!

In Christ,

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