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Presence is the sacrament of this moment in time.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Presence is the sacrament of this moment in time. A sacrament is an outward sign of inward grace. We have been called, we have been chosen by the Lord to be his presence, His Now, His grace, in the world. Our Baptism and Confirmation have given us our “outfit” or our “uniform”, now we need our tools, our equipment, to do a good job.

The Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation offers us just those tools to take our place, here and now, in our communities, in our spheres of influence in the world. It trains us in the way to listen to the Lord, then to discern and act on His prompting. CWFL gives us the confidence to feel equipped to take our place at the tables of change, at the tables of influence for the advancement of all God’s people.

One might think humbly, “Oh I am just me. Nobody would want to listen to my ideas. How can I, in my little corner of the world, effect change for the better for those around me?” Well, have I got a solution for you! If you are willing to take the risk of falling deeper into your relationship with the Lord and of heeding His whispers, your real life has just begun!

CWLF helps you to build the foundation of truth that is so urgently needed in this world. Upon this firm foundation of Catholic social teaching, test- proven over time, justice will emerge and prevail. “It is no longer I, but Christ who lives in me.” you will scratch your head and echo the words of St. Paul. You will learn to be God’s presence in the world, in our Eucharistic communities, in our towns and villages and around the boardroom tables. Practice will make you more perfect in the use of the talents and gifts with which you have been blessed. They are not yours alone, they have been given to you to share, to use and to give away. To not seize this day, to not heed those inner voices, to be content to stay in your little corner of the world robs us all!

We need you to walk beside us and to be Christ’s presence as we all try to make things better for humanity on our journeys back to the place from which we came. So ladies, stand up and take that first step for as Etty Hillesum said, “For once you have begun to walk with God you need only to keep on walking with Him and all of life becomes one long stroll – such a marvelous feeeling.”

- Betty Anne Brown Davidson

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